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Principal's Message

"It takes a Village to Raise a Child"


As the old African proverb says, it is everyone's job to help raise a child. We at Alexandria Elementary believe that when we work
together, teachers, parents, and students, when we have a clear and defined vision and purpose, there is no limit to what we can achieve together. We need your help to make each child shine in the light of their excellence.

I want to invite each one of you to become an active part of our school community; maybe as a member in one of the committees, a Parent Volunteer, or an event support staff. It is important to us to get to know you and learn from your questions, suggestions, or address your concerns.

It is equally important for us to know that we have your support and that we share the same purpose and vision for our children, that we can build a more effective school by listening and speaking with you.

My door is always open to meet you as I know that the door of every school member is as well. Please do not hesitate to approach us when you need it.

Finally let me wish you in our name a Happy Thanksgiving as you cherish all the good things that you have in your life.


Luis Gadea,


Coordinator & Title III Coach's Corner

Alexandria Elementary held its monthly Awards Assembly and students were recognized for their reclassification from Limited English Proficiency (LEP) to Fluent English Proficientcy (RFEP). We had a total of 51 students from grades 1-5 reclassify. 

Students had to meet the following criteria:

ELPAC Summative scores of 3 max or above

Teacher evaluation: ELA composite score of 3 or 4

DIBELS: Benchmark or Above Benchmark scores in all skills (MOY or EOY)

Congratulations to all our awardees!

Alexandria Elementary has surpassed the district reclassification goal of 22%. Our reclassification rate is 28%! Thank you to teachers, parents and students for all hard work!


Ms. Bolanos, Coordinator and

Ms. Burgos, Title II Coach


Letter to be Mailed Home

On the week of November 26th, 2018 we will mail the following letters:


School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (EnglishSpanish)

School Parent Compact 2018-2019 (EnglishSpanish)

District Parent Involvement Policy (EnglishSpanish)


You might click on the language for you to review it.



No news posted


Elementary School Science Fair Project Ideas



hometrainingtools.com  This site is divided into sections; Life science, Earth science, Physical science and Science Fair Experiments






acs.org Very neat site some experiments are similar to what we have in FOSS Kit for 4th and 5th

science.ie Activities grouped by year and has an archive section

rootsofaction.com extensive list of experiments and steps on how to carry them out




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Alexandria's Calendar

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We want to share some information and reminders on the importance of daily attendance. We want all students in class and on time every day to get the most out of the instructional day.

We will continue with our H.E.R.O. program to promote that all students be here every day ready and on time. Students that have perfect attendance for the month will receive a certificate at our monthly awards assembly.

We have two staff members that are here to assist with our students' attendance. For the students in ETK and Kinder we have Mr.s Ramirez. Mrs. Ramirez visits classrooms weekly and awards students a sticker if they have 5 days of perfect attendance. She also conducts classroom mini-lessons on healthy habits and the importance of daily attendance.

October 26th was our 50th day of school. Students at this point should have 2 or less absences to be on track for the 96% attendance for the year. All ETK, TK and Kinder students that are meeting their goal of 0 to 2 absences by the end of October will receive a 50th Day Certificate and a BJ's Restaurant Certificate for a free meal.

Ms. Rosalba Gamma is our PSA Counselor. Weekly classrooms that have the highest attendance by grade level receive the attendance H.E.R.O. flag. For the week ending October 26th the classes with the highest attendance were for Kinder Ms. Lopez with 100%, 1st grade Ms. Rux 98%, 2nd Ms. Martinez 100%, 3rd grade Mr. Zanda with 97.5%, 4th grade Ms. Ruiz 97.8%, and 5th grade Mr. Castano with 98.5%. Ms. Gama will be sending out letters for students that have uncleared absences.

Stay tuned for November Perfect Attendance Challenge!

RIF - Reading Is Fundamental

Assistant Principal's Message

Go Central City!

October was college awareness month. Alexandria had an assembly for our 5th graders on October 18th. The assembly included speeches by two of our 5th graders. Marlyn Chavez and Bejay Villanueva each wrote an essay explaining why they are going to college.

The assembly included a visit to our director, Chiae Kitayama. She gave a motivating speech that included audience participation. Ms. Kitayama reminded us of the African proverb, "It takes a village."

The assembly also included representatives from Los Angeles City College and from Board President Monica Garcia's Office. Mr. Gadea also addressed the students, staff, and parents in attendance.

We are committed to promote a college going culture. During the month of October we also held a door decorating contest.


The theme for this year is, "On the road to college." Throughout the school year students and staff are encouraged to wear college t-shirts every Friday.

Getting our students to college will not be easy. We will be counting on you to get involved in our schools' parent committees, communicate with teachers regularly, and continuing to encourage your child to do their best. Also, Parent conferences are being held this month.


Mrs. Collins, 

Assistant Principal

Today: 1/16/19

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